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Single Wing Creative pictured with the Honorable Mayor SlyJames at the Kansas City, Missouri brand launch event
This Since 1986, the Missouri Lottery has contributed to our state and helped educate its children while providing entertainment for millions. In 30 years of picking numbers and scratching tickets through the Lottery, Missourians have contributed $5.6 billion to education programs.

The Missouri Lottery is a successful partnership between education and gaming. The Lottery is fun for a purpose. It offers games of chance for a cause. What the Missouri Lottery does is meaningful to communities, and it is exactly the sort of work we enjoy the most.

Single Wing Creative is a Missouri-certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and 100 percent Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBR) headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.

Founded in 2010, we are certified by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, as a Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE). Along with our partner Peak Activity, we have the technical, design and marketing experience necessary to deliver exactly what the Missouri Lottery needs on an aggressive timeline and reasonable budget.

1. We foster community pride and interaction. Our team created the new logo for the City of Kansas City, we built its website, the nation’s largest open-source municipal website, we directed the award-winning Social Media Command Center for the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, and we launched an emoji keyboard for the city that has tens-of-thousands of downloads.

2. We meet client needs. We have successfully delivered social media cross-platform development projects for international brands like Haagen-Dazs, built e-commerce and analytic platforms for major brands, and constructed platforms for age-gated content for clients like Total Wine & More, America’s largest wine retailer.

3. We get local government. Our government clients include the Chicago Transit Authority, the National Academies of Sciences, the Transportation Research Board, Nebraska Department of Roads, and the Mid-America Regional Council, all of whom we have delivered digital engagement services. We have a strong record of successful implementation of innovative solutions in the public sector.

4. We want to improve lives. We have a passion to serve nonprofits and have worked with clients like KC Healthy Kids to promote nutrition education and the 20/20/20 Movement to improve biking, hiking and walking opportunities in the center city.

Perhaps our largest and most impactful enterprise has been Causeartist, a national digital platform that covers brands, startups and entrepreneurs contributing to social good and making positive impacts. Through a variety of social media platforms, Causeartist helps readers discover what’s new and inspirational in the world of social enterprise. Causeartist features original interviews, lists and spotlights with founders and CEOs from some of the most exciting businesses whose mission is to make a positive impact in the world. Causeartist also works with these brands to run social media giveaways and sweepstakes across all platforms.

As you can see, we are experts in social media, in cause marketing, in platform development, and in digital project execution with an excellent track record of delivering on time and on budget. We will listen to your needs and work with you to find the right solutions. We’re a Missouri business that cares about contributing to our community and state in meaningful ways. We look forward to working with you to deliver a project that will bring satisfaction and pride.


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Building a digital portal and platform is a partnership. In order to help you get what you want and need we will deploy a systematic approach called performance-driven Agile. This is a pragmatic and lean in approach, disciplined in outcome: a fundamentally more productive way to work. We move quickly through iterations and development, breaking your requests into smaller packages our teams can work on, complete, and move on. Along the way, we work with you understand your needs and communicate your wants in a way that we can respond quickly and confidently.
Single Wing alongside our partners at Peak Activity are believers that if you’re going to do something, you do it well. Part of fulfilling your needs as our client is being honest and upfront. You need to trust us. To that end, we’d like to let you in on a little secret: we won’t be starting from scratch. We want to build you the exact digital delivery platform you want customized to your needs. We have build these kinds of platforms before. Think of it this way, if your technology platform is a house, we have already poured the foundation, the exterior walls roughed-in, and the roof is watertight. Much like a house, there are certain things all platforms like you are requesting must start with. The basic shape of a house is already built, now we can work together to figure out your custom details. We can now spend more time on your unique requirements, what it look like, how the rooms are laid out, how the kitchen will function. And in the end, we will turn over the keys to a home perfect for you.

As the saying goes, time is money. This approach allows us to focus on what is most important to you, while reducing development time significantly. We move quickly both because it helps the project be more cohesive, but also because it saves you money.

We can and will deliver exactly what you need, on an accelerated timeline, and a reasonable budget.
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Single Wing will provide Missouri Lottery with a single web and responsive portal that allows all content, contests and posts to be managed, published and analyzed from one portal. Missouri Lottery employees will be able to login to a single portal from digital devices -- desktop or mobile -- and update content across platforms.

Specifically, through working with the Missouri Lottery staff, Single Wing envisions providing a single portal with four key platform components.

Missouri Lottery Web Portal

The portal will be customized to meet the identified and agreed upon needs of the Missouri Lottery with the goal of providing the agency with a flexible, responsive, cross-platform content management system.


This portal will be the main dashboard users will access to create, review and publish all assets of the delivery. Specific focus will be on key Landing Pages, Geo Target Capabilities, Contest Details, Rules and Regulations, and Links To Missouri Lottery Social Media Properties


The entire system will be built on a scalable, secured, technology infrastructure with full redundancy and security vetted into the architecture.


The system will be able to handle up to 20 concurrent users with unlimited campaigns and social media connections.

Portal Components
Missouri Lottery Contest Manager: This component will help provide the ability for the contests to be easily created, updated and tracked. Specifically, this component will help accomplish:


a. Ability to create a variety of contests including, but not limited to: sweepstakes, polls, essays, quizzes, and photo and video promotions

b. Create entry forms and databases for unlimited custom contests and drawings, including being able to export all entry information into an Excel file

c. Conduct verified random drawings (to determine winners)

d. Allow for all contests to be utilized successfully on both desktop and mobile formats

Missouri Lottery Social Publisher: This component will provide the interconnection APIs into and out of all social media platforms. Specifically, this component will help accomplish:


a. Ability to easily access, schedule and update content on all platforms

b. Ability to track and respond to requests and conversations

c. Collect contest entries via Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram log-in

d. Create and conduct polls

Missouri Lottery Intelligence: This component will create dashboards and gather reporting, analytics and intelligence from all contest and social media activity. Specifically, this component will help accomplish:


a. Provide analytics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube including, but not limited to: daily insights; year-to-year review (big picture performance); breakdowns of reach, engagement rates and traffic; capability to build custom reports, paid vs. unpaid

b. URL tracking tool; tracking all content posted to social platforms (content analysis)

c. Competitor benchmarking

Missouri Lottery Administrator: This component will provide all user management, rules management, and information management, contests administration, and contest auditing. Specifically, this component will help accomplish:


a. Rules Management would provide age control for sweepstakes management, limit entries to participants within the state of Missouri,

b. Include design characteristics to eliminate duplicate entries and robotic voting





















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Marketing Support Services








Marketing Support Services











We will use design to create positive user experience through a well crafted user interface (UX/UI). Often, firms separate the two, and technical teams work on UX while creative teams focus on UI. We do it a bit differently. Crafting a digital interface that is intuitive to use, is streamlined, and aesthetically pleasing means our creative team works with the technical team from the beginning.


The tendency often is to create a platform and then “pretty it up” at the end. We believe good design is more than looking good --- it is an essential part of a well performing platform.

We will assist Missouri Lottery’s marketing staff in facilitating creation of media, copy, and production of contest and social media conversations. If selected, we hope to work with your team to enhance the Missouri Lottery’s social media presence across platforms, provide excellent design for campaigns, and fun visuals that can attract interest as part of less formal daily interactions.


In addition to a world class programmers, you are also selecting social media design and engagement experts that can:


Provide marketing and contest technical support and promotions planning between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday.


Assist Missouri Lottery in the creation of campaign materials, web banners, social media assets and other digital material on an as needed basis.

Currently, the Missouri Lottery has over 4,600 followers on Twitter, and an impressive 180,000 Facebook followers. What this says to us is that you have a solid presence with a good deal of good will. Using the engagement portal we would build for you, and with the design and strategy we can bring to the table, we can help you extend your reach and impact significantly.

Together, we can also look at adding to your social media portfolio, perhaps including Instagram and Snapchat to reach different demographics. We have also developed emoji keyboards and sticker packs that may provide an additional fun way to engage.

The Missouri Lottery has an advantage that many of our clients do not start with on social media. People already love to play and you have a history of positive real world interactions. Translating those positive feelings into an enhanced digital following will increase participation and help better achieve the organization's mission by generating more funds for education while entertaining millions.















New Logo for the City of Kansas City

The City of Kansas City needed a new logo and did not have a dime to spend on it. The Mayor sought out our firm as the city struggled with how to create a much-needed new symbol without incurring the typical public backlash. We came up with an innovative and unique solution.

We worked with city staff to create a new logo and volunteered our services for free on one condition: We insisted the new symbol would be completely open-source. Anyone with good intention would be able to use the logo.

Launching a new logo with no budget is difficult. Our open-source idea made it the community’s logo. T-shirts, hats, community organizations and events all could use and promote the logo with no cost to the city. We believe Kansas City is the largest, and we think only, city in the country with a completely open-source logo. In the nearly three years since its adoption, it has led both the St. Patrick’s Day parade trimmed in green and orange and the Pride parade striped in rainbow colors. It has been adopted and used on everything from soccer jerseys to civic signage. As the Kansas City Royals made their way down the parade route to celebrate their World Championship win, the city’s open-source logo hung on flags above the team’s heads.

When the City lost two firefighters, killed while battling a four-alarm fire, it was the open-source logo residents used to mourn. Tribute hats were made and sold with proceeds going to the victims’ families. Twitter avatars wrapped a black band around the logo. The Royals wore hats during playoff batting practice with the logo to honor the fallen men. The city needed a symbol to express its grief, and because of our firm’s idea, they could freely use the symbol of the city they love. We are proud to have pushed an innovative concept consistent with an open and welcoming city that values entrepreneurship.

Emoji My City

Launched an emoji keyboard for Kansas City, Missouri, to celebrate city pride and offer businesses an opportunity for non-intrusive personalized brand engagement with users.EMC is a digital messaging platform and community engagement tool for brands and cities. Our team helps clients tell their stories with custom mobile apps (Apple and Android) that include: iMessage apps, custom emojis, gifs, videos, photo filters and more.


Our cost-effective solution also has flexible options, trackable analytics and engaging digital content that has long organic life. Tens-of-thousands of users have downloaded our stickers. It won the 2016 App of the Year award from the International Marketing Association.


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Causeartist is a international digital platform that covers brands, startups and entrepreneurs contributing to the social good and making a positive impact. Causeartist helps readers discover what’s new and trending in the world of social enterprise and social impact. 

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Causeartist features original interviews, lists and spotlights with founders and CEOs from some of the most exciting social enterprises impacting the world. Causeartist also works with these brands to run social media giveaways and sweepstakes across all social media platforms.


Nation’s Largest Open-Source Municipal Website


Our team convinced and saw through to completion the development of a new website for the city of Kansas City, Missouri. We built the new site on a Wordpress content management platform, which has proven to be user-friendly and adaptable. Following Kansas City’s selection as a Google Fiber city, the team integrated Google for government document management into the website, creating a first-of-its-kind web interface. The site is currently the nation’s largest completely open-source municipal website. After launch, the site was awarded top honors as the nation's best municipal website by the National Association of Government Webmasters.